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Elizabeth Drury Sopranp


"Elizabeth Drury (soprano) was a balm for the ear and spirit with fast, accurate and even runs even in Handel’s most florid writing (Rejoice greatly) which sounded truly felt rather than just vocalised"   Birmingham Post 10/12/2014

"it was soprano Elizabeth Drury, who managed to breath such a welcome freshness into Rejoice greatly…the use of tasteful and appropriate ornamentation was a feature of the whole evening’s performance itself."

"The coloratura contributions of Elizabeth Drury deserve special mention" 

Telegraph 20/07/2013

"The soprano Elizabeth Drury made light of a ferociously difficult coloratura solo which put the Queen of the Night in the shade"

The star of the show was undeniably Elizabeth Drury, soprano, in the technically challenging title role of Santa Maria, who displayed incredible vocal nimbleness throughout Julia Savage 21.5.12

Elizabeth Drury ... really got on top of the music and wowed the other performers, never mind the audience

Elizabeth Drury! Wow! 


Elizabeth Drury, who not only has the soprano voice of an angel but also played a mean saxophone Isle of Wight County Press

Coloratura wonderfully despatched by soprano Elizabeth Drury

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